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New-York Times
By STEPHEN HOLDEN August 3, 2007
**** .“The Willow Tree” examines the traumatic shocks experienced by a blind professor of literature whose eyesight is miraculously restored.
The Star Ledger Aug 3, 2007
By Stephen Whitty
 **** A perfectly worked out story and a marvelous new step forward for Iranian director Majid Majidi. It is also, in some ways, yet another step forward for his country's cinema, a national art that grows more accomplished every year.
Time Out New York August 2–8, 2007
Stephen Garrett
  His gift for giving a cinematic texture to the emotional senses validates his work as a visionary"
NEWSDAY Aug 3, 2007
John Anderson
 ***1/2  A beautiful, strange film, deeply moving and no surprise from Majidi
Several reviews from Rottentomatoes  9/10

A beautiful film, both simple and profound, which suggests that bargaining with God is a bad idea in all cultural traditions.

The Willow Tree is a powerful and ultimately optimistic movie that movingly suggests that life is what we make of it and that the “handicaps” we think we have can actually turn out to be blessings in disguise.

The Willow Tree is a spiritual masterpiece that deals with subjects dear to the heart of Sufis and celebrated in the poems and other writings of Rumi: gratitude, transformation, and surrender to God.

Majidi presents us with a series of glistening tone poems.
VILLAGE VOICE Singapore  ***1/2 Although the story is told through a blind man, the many dilemmas portrayed could be the tale of any man's life. 
By Juliet Huang, Singapore
Show Business weekly   Vivid images, dramatic angles, vibrant colors and carefully orchestrated scenes tell a blind man’s poignant story in Academy Award nominee Majid Majidi’s “The Willow Tree.” Review by Sara Hottman
Spark online    It is a deeply religious film, in the best sense of the word—a moral fable that is not moralistic. Review by Carl Nillsson-Polias
 The ( Sept 2005)     “The Willow Tree” is one of the best examples of Existentialism as a narrative that I have seen...