Press Reviews

 Film de Culte   Majidi se rapproche étonnamment d’une certaine frange universaliste du cinéma britannique
 MCM.Net   Un amour condamné au silence...
L'Humanité (19 juin 2004)    Interview avec Majid Majidi
Tele-Obs (17 juin 2004)   Mise en scène lyrique et personnages d’une épaisseur psychologique hors du commun..
Figaro Culture (17 juin 2004)   .. peint la dure condition des travailleurs immigrés afghans en Iran
Le Point ( 16 Juin 2004)    
Le Monde (16 Juin 2004)    En Iran, à travers le rituel du chantier, l'itinéraire heurté des réfugiés
L'express (16 Juin 2004)   Une œuvre d'une beauté formelle incroyable et d'une force évidente
L'Express Magazine ( 16 Juin 2004)    Le choc des images
Telerama ( 16 juin 2004)    Une chronique delicate
 See magazine ( May 23, 2002)  5/5  " ...this hotbed of fanatics and terrorists continues to produce the gentlest, most humanistic cinema currently available to the eyes"
Club Culture    "Un film exceptionnel"
Toronto Star ( May 7, 2002)  5/5  " Baran is an immensely moving love story, one that may catch you by surprise"
Voir (Montreal) in french    "Un pur ravissement"
Washington Post ( May 4, 2002)    "There's a Chaplinesque quality to "Baran,"
The Globe & Mail (Canada)  3/4  Love story sweetens portrait of Afghan refugees
Le Devoir ( Montréal) in french  3/4  "Choisir l'enfer"
La Presse (Montréal, Canada)  4/4 " ... comme the thé servi au beau milieu d'un chantier en construction"
Christian Science Monitor (May 3, 2002) 4/4 David Sterritt: ".. and the unlikely hero is an Iranian man who falls in love "
 Washington Post ( May 2, 2002)   Ann Hornaday:  "Baran," further solidifies Majid Majidi's growing reputation as one of the cinema's most gifted humanist filmmakers.
Chicago Tribune (May 5, 2002)  3.5/4 "Majidi might be called Iran's Vittorio De Sica.".
Chicago Sun-Times (May 5, 2002)  3.5/4 Roger Ebert: ". When a land is distant, unknown and labeled as an enemy, it's easy to think in simple terms"
Human Rights Watch   Majidi examines the issue of Afghans in Iran with subtlety and charm"
Imaginarium   "Life, Iranian style"
Entertainement Today   "An even more timely and thoughtful meditation on love and culture"
Magic Lantern   " Baran is the sweet romantic tale about love's astounding ability to cross the boundaries that lesser men create."
Christian Science Monitor   "Humanizing the plight of Afghans"
Washington Post (Jan 2002)   "An Iranian Director's Tribute to Destitute Afghan Refugees"
USA Today (Dec 2001)   "Director's instincts put 'Baran' on Oscar track"
Washington Post     "Maybe being an Afghan was my crime..."
NewDay    "Baran" boasts the most achingly beautiful closing moments of any movie in recent memory."
New Times L.A   "And Iran So Far Away"
American Dreamer   A- "Spying Latif discovers Rahmat's secret".
IFILM.Com  4/5 "Dramas like this make it human".
BOXOFFICE  3.5/5 "Baran” marks a stylistic leap forward for Majid Majidi".
New-York Post (Dec 2001)  3/4 "A timely tale of a quiet romance"
New-York Times (Oct 2001)   "A Love Story Set Among Afghanistan's Émigrés"
New-York Press ( Dec 2001)   "Majid Majidi, the director of Baran, would be Iran's Spielberg"
Film Journal (Dec 2001)   "Baran focuses on the struggle of an unusual hero to save the girl he loves"
Newsweek ( Dec 2001),   "Iran in a New Light"
L.A Daily News (Dec 2001)   "Iranian coming-of-age tale triumphs every way"
TV online (Dec 2001),  4/5 "At the heart of Iranian director Majid Majidi's wonderful, bittersweet film is a timeless tale of adolescent love and sacrifice..."
L.A Times(7 Dec 2001)   "A Heartfelt Look at Afghan Immigrants"
L.A Times Interview (6 Dec 2001)   "Pain of Life in Alien Lands"
Indiewire(Dec 2001),   "Taking Care; Majidi's "Baran" Strikes Timely Chords of Romance and Refugees" 2001)  3.8/5 "Iranian boy meets Afghan girl in a Middle Eastern film that might make it out of the art house"
Online Film Critics (Dec 2001)    
The Onion A/V Club    
Slant Magazine ( Dec 2001)    
Spirituality & Health (Dec 2001)   "In this extraordinarily spiritual drama by Majid Majidi, the plight of these refugees is vividly portrayed.."
Compuserve (Dec 2001)   "An impossible romance, but we root for the patronized Iranian lad"
Matinee Magazine (Dec 2001)   "Yet to my eyes it also represents everything that is missing from most other Iranian films"
Reel movie Critics (Dec 2001) 3.5/4 "These are movies to remember rather than the ones you forget"
Cinema Scope (Canada Dec 2001)   "Baran operates on three levels: as a story about a contemporary social problem; as a love story; and as a parable in which spiritual purity is attained through selflessness."   "A building-site worker makes a heavy sacrifice to reach his distantly admired love"
Planet Sick-boy   "The result of these actions (or inactions, I guess) make this film a realistic winner."
Toronto Sun (Sept 2001)   "Majid Majidi makes films that open ethnic doors."
Variety Film International (Feb 2001)